Pre Start Checklist For Consumers

Everything You Need In Place To Build Your New Home

Inside This Free Guide You'll Discover Key Information In These Areas ...

  • Building Contracts

  • Finance Approval

  • Certificate of Title

  • Site/Contour Surveys

  • Soil Test/Engineers Site Report

  • Construction/Working Drawings and Engineering Plans

  • And much much more!

Download This Free Consumer Guide

This consumer guide will help you save time and money in the planning and design process of your new home. Get your hands on this priceless information today.

TIP #1

Discover how finance for building a home is different to buying an established property and how progress payments work. Knowing what to expect will give you peace of mind.

TIP #2

We reveal what information is required to receive a building approval. Be aware that this can be a very involved process so be sure to work with a professional builder that is well organised and has obtained all necessary reports to avoid delays.

TIP #3

Discover exactly why a soil test is needed and what your builder will do with the results. Knowing this will ensure your home is stable and safe.

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